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The Double Destruction is an Estes Kit which caught my eye because it was the first D cluster kit that I've seen. I think it is the ugliest rocket I've ever seen, but hopefully the double D performance will change my mind!

Length: 36 inch (91.4 cm)

Diameter: 2.2 (5.6 cm)

Weight: 184g (6.5 oz)

Recovery: 24nch (61 cm) Standard Estes Parasheet.

Engines: 2 x D12-3's or 2 x D12-5's

Max Altitude: 800 ft (from Estes spec)

Number of Launches: 0

A picture of the contents of the Estes Kit

The above shows the kit as recieved, before I started construction.


This is a picture of the completed engine mount, which forms the backbone of the rocket


The engine module was the first piece of assembly. It forms the main structural component of the rocket, and it sort of resembles a double barrelled shot gun.


This is a picture of the completed bottom half

This is the assembled bottom half.


The nosecone section painted

This is the top (nose) part of the rocket, which has been given 2 coats of primer (after a light sanding) with one coat of red gloss and a single coat of gold for the fins, nose and transitions.


The completed painted rocket (in two halves)

This are the two halfs of the rocket which have been painted red and gold. This could of been the ultimate christmas rocket except that I built it in January! The recovery system is not yet in place (it was easier to paint with the two sections seperate).





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