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The chavmeister started life as an Estes kit rocket. I built this in a couple of hours, but the finished rocket sat on my shelf for many weeks whilst I was making my mind up over the paint. Don't ask me how this happened, but it's turned in to the ultimate chav rocket, complete with gold bling and burberry checks. This will be the last bling or chav rocket I build, as obviously I won't be able to better this rocket.

The interesting thing with this rocket is the fact that I created the burberry pattern in paint shop pro, and printed it on glossy adhesive paper using my inkjet printer. All in all I was pleased with the result, although it did take a couple of attempts to master the art of wrapping the sheet around the tube of the rocket.

The biggest challenge now is to stop my brother from trying to wear it....

Length: 26 inch (70 cm)

Diameter: 1.5 inch (4 cm)

Weight: unknown

Recovery: 24nch (61 cm) Standard Estes Parasheet.

Engines: C11 or D

Max Altitude: unknown

Number of Launches: 0

A picture of the complete Chavmeister rocket.

The Chavmeister showing off it's Chavness...

A closeup of Chavmeister's body tube

A closeup of Chavmeister's body tube

NB: Matthew would like to point out that he is not a Chav, and the rocket was done for comedy value only.





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