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The Bling 1 is one of my later acquisitions. This is an Estes E2X rocket, but the reason why I bought it was the gold chrome nosecone and fin assembly. I was facinated about the general 'blingness' of it. I don't know. Although it's the most garishly coloured rocket I've ever owned I think it kind of works. I don't think it'd be easy to loose, thats for certain. It came as an almost ready to fly (RTF) kit which took about 5 minutes to glue together.

Bling 1's Components

The rocket in kit form, as I got it


Bling 1's Nosecone

This isn't a viewpoint you'd want to see at launch


Bling 1's Body Tube

This is a close up of the Bling 1's Body Tube


Bling 1 fully assembled

The Bling 1 Fully assembled

Length: 18 inch (45.7cm)

Diameter: 1.35 inch (34.3cm)

Weight: 75g (2.7 oz)

Recovery: 12inch (30cm) Standard Estes Parasheet

Engines: A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5's

Max Altitude: over 600ft (Estes spec) (SpaceCad's max altitude for the rocket was 714.03 ft on an Estes C6 motor)

Number of Launches: 0


As I've just bought SpaceCAD and wanted to try it out, I spent about 10 minutes inputting the design in to SpaceCAD. It's a lot easier starting with a known rocket, as there is hardly any thought involved. The following are images of the rocket as modelled in SpaceCad. For the record I got on a lot better with SpaceCAD than I did with RockSim.


Bling 1 in 3D

SpaceCAD View of the Bling 1.


Bling 1 in 3D

3D View of the Bling 1 - Curtesy of SpaceCAD.


Bling 1 in 3D

Another 3D View of the Bling 1






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