Rocketry - My Rockets

One of my new years resolutions was to update my website more often. To this end the following is a list of some of my rockets in various stages of construction. Hopefully I'll be able to add cool stuff like SpaceCAD plans of my self designed rockets, photos and even videos eventually.


  • Bling 1 (Estes almost ready to fly kit)
  • Stavros Eagle (Estes 'Scissor Wing Transport' skill level 3 kit)
  • Nightwing (Estes skill level 3 kit)
  • Space Ship One (Estes level 3 kit)
  • Rotorvator I - This is another Estes kit which caught my eye. It's old stock apparently, but makes use of a Helicopter recovery system which is kind of cool.
  • Double Destruction - The first Estes kit I've seen utilising a clustered engine configuration (2 x D's). The Estes name for it is 36 D Squared, but I prefer Double Destruction.
  • Chavmeister - Another Estes kit but with a comedy paint job.
  • Ptichka 1 - A custom built rocket made out of nothing but balsa wood.
  • Starfox 1 - Another custom built rocket made out of nothing but balsa wood.
  • Rocket Glider Z1 - Work in progress, a prototype rocket glider.
  • Silver Ghost - A 2.6inch / 24inch kit rocket.





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